Window Mount Sturdy Cat Hammock

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Why are window perches and window hammocks the #1 Selling product for 2022?  

Cats are feral animals which we have domesticated so that we can love them at a closer distance.  Just because they now eat, sleep and play in our homes does not mean that they have completely lost all their feral ways and instincts, one being hunting and bird watching!  

These window hammocks are the perfect solution to fulfill our pets inner desire to hunt and to look at birds.  It even comes in double layer so if you have more than one cat, they both can enjoy the view at the same time!  

To show how much we truly love our feral kitties, get one today!  

Product material - Coral velvet, tarpaulin, pipe fittings

Maximum load: 10kg or so

Specifications Single layer 60*31CM, double layer 60*31CM

Notes on the use of cat hammocks:

1. Before the hammock is installed, please soak the suction cup with 60 degree warm water for ten minutes; 

2. Wipe the contact surface of the glass and the suction cup with a wet towel or a damp cloth; 

3. After the suction cup is attached, be sure to press the air inside the extrusion; 

4. After you install it, you need to wait patiently for 20 minutes. When the water on the glass is naturally dried, the suction will be firmer.

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