Removable Plush Dog Sofa Bed


Make your pet happy and comfy!

A sofa bed that will keep your pets safe and stable while sleeping. CushyMatt will provide amazing comfort for your dog, even for dogs that have joint problems or arthritis. It is made of super soft PP cotton and it also has a non-slip base to prevent your dog from sliding on any floor. 


Lightweight - It's travel-friendly because it's small and light. It is quite convenient to carry and transport in the car.

Comfortable & Useful - The raised rim provides safety and effectively activates the neurological system, allowing your pets to calm down sooner, relax more readily, and sleep more soundly.

Wide Range of Usage - This CushionMatt can be placed on any surface and made of any material you want, and your dog will be able to sleep peacefully on it. It's ideal for couches, beds, and automobiles. 

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