BuddyFlashy - Dog goggles

$49.99 $79.99

Never be concerned about your dog when riding or driving outside! 

Enjoy your travel with your best buddy because BuddyFlashy can protect the dog's eyes from being hit by a small rock or something. Not only does it protect dogs' eyes from wind and sun in the summer, but it is also snow proof and anti-dust when skiing or running in the winter. This dog goggle has a soft TPE frame and two adjustable elastic straps. Lenses are resistant to UV radiation. Sunglass vents can cause your dogs to inhale vapor.


Excellent Protection - If you want to do any outdoor activities with your pets, such as skiing, climbing, and swimming, the dog goggles will be a good protection assistance for them.

Excellent Material - The lens is constructed of high-quality polycarbonate, which can filter and lower the intensity of UV, UV400, infrared, and visible light.

Adjustable Strap - The strap has a high-elasticity elastic band and an adjustable elastic cord that fits different head shapes, allowing your dogs to wear the sunglasses comfortably and securely.

Breathable and comfy - Inside, a sponge pad is padded around the lenses. The high density sponge has an excellent breathability effect and thermal performance, which properly alleviates eyestrain."

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