Interactive Smart Dog Toy

$199.99 $399.99

Give your dogs an advanced way of playing!

Interacting with your pet 24/7 is such a hard task to do, you have to deal with your personal tasks, set goals in life, and attend to important agendas. And as a responsible pet owner, you should meet your pet's needs.

PlayBone is an interactive smart toy, controlled with the App Wickedbone, that is designed to interact with your pets while you’re out.


Innovative - It is an indoor and outdoor smart toy that guarantees to interact with your pets by controlling the device via Wickedbone App.

Durable - With its quality materials, it is guaranteed to withstand dogs’ sharp teeth and heavy paws while they play with this smart toy.

Playbone is the ultimate choice - Your pets would surely demand a lot of effort and this device can help you with that by providing engaging playtime with your pets, the smart way.

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